Beach Cruisers

Beach CruiserAs you will notice while browsing this website I will often talk about the Beach Cruisers that Marion and I ride on the bike paths around Adelaide.

We chose this type of bike for a few reasons, the main reason is that we liked the styling of the Beach Cruiser.  The frames of the bike are rounded and have smooth lines, most come in bright colours, mine is orange and Marion’s is yellow. The Cruisers are fitted with full mudguards either in chrome or in a matching colour to the frame, The guards surround the wide balloon tyres that generally have cool white walls fitting to the retro style of these bikes. The saddles are wider than the norm and the handle bars are wide and are shaped so the rider can sit in an upright position.

The styling of the bike and the upright riding position lends the bike to easy riding on flat terrain, hence their name. Rarely do the bikes have multiple gears and rely on just a single speed gear. As we plan to ride on level paths at a easy pace the Beach Cruiser suits our needs.

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