Recycling a Second Hand Bike for my Work Commute

Apart from the Orange Beach Cruiser that is quite often featured on this blog, I do have a second bike which is a Giant hybrid that I use mainly to commute to work. My work place is 5klm from home but over time as my fitness has improved the commute has been lengthened to about 20 km.

Recycled Commuter Bike 27" Malvern StarAs winter is approaching I thought I would look for a second hand bike to purchase for the commutes on the wetter days. I found a bike on eBay after some time looking for what I needed. The bike ended up being an old 27″ Malvern Star, an Australian classic, most importantly it had mud guards to protect me from the wet roads.

The bike needed a few modifications before I could use it, first of all I stripped the bike, cleaned and regreased all the parts as I reassemble the bike. I also added a new seat, flat handlebars and clipless peddles that suited my cycling shoes.

The bike is a tad heavier, being an all steel bike, than my normal ride but on the occasions I have already ridden it to work my average speed and time for the commute to work isn’t too much different to my newer hybrid bike.

As cycling to work is part of my fitness regiem, I am hoping that I will not lose as many days through the winter months due to inclement weather, of course, if it is pouring down the car will always be an option.

Have you recycled a bike recently, and what do you use it for?

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