Simple Bicycle Repair Kit

One of the most common repairs that you will encounter while cycling is fixing that inconvenient punctured tyre. What tools and parts will you need to make sure you are not stranded or need to walk your bike back home or to your car?

At the time of writing this post the Beach Cruiser that I am riding does not have any sort of tool kit attached, so before I am stuck with a flat tyre kilometres away from my car I need to get a kit sorted.

Bicycle PumpKeeping a spare tube on your bike is better option than carrying a puncture repair kit as you can put a tube in quicker,  and resume your cycling sooner, the puncture can the be repaired at home, which is far more convenient than fixing one on a ride

Some of the basic tools needed will be a spanner to remove the wheel, I would suggest paying a few dollars extra and buying one of quality as a cheap tool can cause damage to your bike. To remove the tyre a couple of tyre levers will be needed, they can be either plastic or metal, the plastic ones clip together for convenient storing and, I have been told, do not pinch the tube as easily as metal ones do.

Once the tube is replaced and the wheel is fitted to the bike, then you will need a pump to inflate your tyre so you can get back to your ride. A small pump will be easier to carry, but at home a larger floor pump will be more convenient.

The best way to carry your tools and parts is to buy a bag that in most cases would use Velcro tabs to attach under the seat or to the frame of your bike.

If you carry any other tools and equipment while riding, please share with us in the comments below.

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