Easy Bike Ride along Torrens Linear Park at Klemzig

We had an early start today for our ride, well early for Marion and I. At 10 am we had our bikes off the car bike rack and ready to go.

Our ride today was an 8.6 km tour along Linear Park situated along River Torrens, taking in the section between O.G. Road and Darley Road. The Torrens Park is picturesque and peaceful and was enjoyed by numerous people this morning either riding their bikes, walking their dogs, jogging or walking. We didn’t ride at a fast pace so we could enjoy the tranquility of the park.

Torrens Linear Park Klemzig

Most of the ride along the bike paths are easy, but every now and then you will come upon a small incline, where a tad more effort will be needed to get to the top. In fact, with one of the hills running along side the O’Bahn Busway, we needed to get off the bikes and walk the final leg up the hill. Keep in mind that we both ride single speed bikes and a geared bike would have had no issues tackling the hill.

Below is a map of our travels.

Torrens River Linear Park Klemzig

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