Easy Bike Ride Mile End to Glenelg

We started our ride in the suburb of Mile End just the other side of Adelaide’s western park lands, the plan is to ride the bike path that followed the old rail line from Adelaide to Glenelg. The Adelaide to Glenelg rail line was opened in 1880 and closed in December 1929, the only remaining part of the line is the old Plympton Station near Marion Road.

By the Old Plympton station there was a gazebo, with a couple of park benches and water fountains, where Marion and I stopped on both legs of the ride for a short break and a drink. We visited the monument that was close by and read the short history it contained about the rail line.

Bicycle Crossing Westside Bikeway

The bike way was a real pleasure to ride. As it is located in Adelaide’s western suburbs it is in one of the flattest parts of the city. One thing impressed me, and I was so impressed that I had to take a photo, and it was of the specialised ‘bike’ crossings over the major roads. Each crossing had their own push button and a green light in the shape of a bike for the cyclist.

Westside Bikeway Adelaide to Glenelg

The bike path meandered through the linear park created by the old rail line, this is an area well tended by the local council, making the ride a very pleasurable experience. At one stage of the ride Marion and I could both smell the lovely aroma of baking biscuits, and were quite tempted to knock on a few local doors to find the source. A little further along the ride we then spotted the Marlston Arnotts Bicuit factory and deduced that this must have been the source of the fragrant baking.

Our Ride along the Westside Bikeway, about 16 km

Our Ride along the Westside Bikeway

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  2. Hi Trev and Marion here, just wanted to say Big Thanks for the information. We’ll be moving to Adelaide in the not too distant future and we’re keen to find bike paths that are only shared with pedestrians and other bike users. It all makes for a Much more pleasurable experience when we can negate sharing with road traffic for All concerned are my thoughts.


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