Torrens Linear Park Ride to the Adelaide Hills

A lovely Autumn day in May prompted me to suggest to Marion that we should go on an easy bike ride along the Torrens Linear park close to home. Marion who loves to take photos thought that instead of going for the ride she would take our dog Sunny for a walk along the linear park and take photos of the beautiful park.
I choose to take my hybrid bike instead of the Beach Cruiser as I was thinking of heading from the Beefacres Reserve at Windsor Gardens to the Adelaide Hills end of the linear park at Highbury.

Beefacres was a suburb in Adelaide’s earlier days and is now part of WIndsor Gardens, It was named by Edward Mead Bagot, who registered the purchase of section 504 from John Hector and E.C. Gwynne in April 1854. He had brought down cattle from Ned’s Corner Station and one mob realised sufficient money to purchase the land.

I am glad of today’s choice of bikes for this ride, the Hybrid Bike has gears where the Beach Cruiser is only a single speed, and the gears were most definitely used on the steeper parts of the ride, as I have mentioned before on this blog the banks of the Torrens River does have very steep inclines, this is more so the closer to the Adelaide hills you get.

I headed east from the Beefacres reserve, while riding the 8 kliometres to the Adelaide Hills I realised that between the Torrens River and the Hope Valley Reservoir there is an Aqueduct that had kept the reservoir filled. My hope was to see the start of the Aqueduct at the end of the cycle path, which was realised when I reached the end.

The Aqueduct transferred water between the Gorge Weir and the Hope Valley Reservoir since the 1870’s. The Aqueduct has recently been replaced by a pipeline from the Torrens to the Reservoir in 2006. The age of the aqueduct meant that it was in constant repair and as it is open, water was lost through evaporation.

The ride back to the Beefacres reserve was a lot easier as it was all down hill apart from a few short steep climbs up the river banks. I met up with my wife Marion and our dog Sunny a few minutes ride from the reserve.

Torrens Linear Park Ride to the Adelaide Hills

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